Tips on Finding a Comfortable Dog Bed

Most dogs today are treated like family members. Like other members of the family your dog deserves to have a comfortable dog bed to sleep on. Dogs spend nearly half of every day sleeping. It seems only fitting that they should be able to enjoy that time.

A dogs size is a large factor in determining which dog bed to purchase. Dogs like to feel safe and sound when sleeping. They prefer a dog bed which surrounds them or ones which they can sink into. Dog beds with side walls are very popular as are the classic donut type beds. A dogs weight should also be taken into consideration. Large dogs need beds with sturdier frames that can hold up under the additional weight.

A dogs age should be considered also when selecting a bed. Puppies and older dogs will need different types of beds. Puppies have no trouble getting in and out of a dog bed, while older dogs often have arthritis and other orthopedic type problems and need a bed that is easy to get in and out of. For puppies there are two options. The first is to by a bed that the puppy fits into right now. Oftentimes a less expensive dog bed is chosen since the puppy will be out growing it in short order. The second option is to buy a bed which the puppy can grow into. Either option is fine.

Knowing what space a dog bed will occupy is a good idea before purchasing a new bed for your dog. Some of the fancier dog beds are quite large and take up a lot of space. Many have head boards and cushions just like beds made for humans.

Dog beds come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. There is also a wide variety of prices. Knowing what your budget is makes finding a dog bed much easier. The dog is going to love the new dog bed as long as it is comfortable.

A dog bed with a removable cover is much preferred over other types. This allows for easy machine washing . This is an important feature both for cleanliness and for health reasons.

I am hopeful that these tips will help you in selecting the perfect dog bed for your canine friend.

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