Six Things to Consider When Selecting A Dog Bed

Selecting a bed for your best buddy is not difficult but it helps to keep a few things in mind. We have put together this list of 6 things to think about when shopping for your dog’s new bed.

The Beds Comfort. The most important feature of any bed whether it is for you or for your dog is its comfort. The dog bed should be the correct size for your dog. This means that your pet fits comfortably in his or her new bed. It is important to pay attention to how your dog sleeps. Does he sleep stretched out or does he curl in a ball. The dog that stretches out may prefer a rectangular bed while the dog that curls up would probably like a curved bed or a donut type bed. The materials it is made of should be soft and inviting. There should be plenty of filling to give support to your dog’s joints. This is especially important for older dogs and large breed dogs. Any special needs your dog has should also be taken into consideration. For example, if your dog has allergies, be sure that the bed is hypoallergenic.

The Dog Beds Construction. Most pet beds are composed of 3 components. The first component is the outer fabric or covering. This is the part of the bed that actually comes in contact with your dog. It should be stain resistant and easily removed for machine washing. This is important for sanitary reasons. The second component is the filling. This is what gives the pet bed its fluffy comfort. Commonly used fillings are down, polyester and foam. Some beds are even filled with cedar chips. We recommend staying away from this because many dogs have allergies to the wood chip type fillings.

The Beds Durability. The dog bed should be made from sturdy materials. A good quality pet bed should last for many years.

Style. Today’s dog beds are quite stylish. Some even look like a piece of furniture. There are bunk beds, classic donut shaped dog beds and sofa dog beds. You should find a bed for your dog that fits in with your décor. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the dog bed selection.

The Dog Beds Ease of Assembly. Some of the fancier beds can require some major assembly. If you are comfortable with the harder to assemble models that is fine. We prefer the dog beds that are put together in just a few easy steps.

The Experience Others Have Had With the Product. Reviews and product feedback are very important when choosing a pet bed. Some of these beds are quite expensive and reading the opinions of others before a purchase makes great sense.

Hopefully these 6 tips will give you some guidelines when selecting a perfect bed for your dog. Also, please have a look at some of the dog beds we have recommended here on our “Best Dog Bed Reviews Site.”

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