Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Your dog’s quality of life will improve if you give him a bed of his own. (Yours might improve too, if it means you get your couch or bed back!) So you’re ready to buy a bed, and you’ve read all about the types of dog beds available. Now you’re wondering which ones might be the best large dog beds.

Consider the following:


Bigger beds will cost more than smaller beds, so if your dog bed budget is tight, stick with the basics. Avoid the more expensive beds, like the designer dog beds and the high-end nest beds and donut beds, and choose a simple pillow or mat bed.


Do you have special requirements for a dog bed, like an orthopedic bed for an arthritic dog, a bed to fit a kennel or crate, an elevated bed, or a travel bed? Do you require a heated dog bed or a cooling dog bed? Is your big dog a chewer, requiring a chewproof or chew-resistant bed? List your special requirements to narrow your search and use while researching. If you don’t have special bed requirements, a pillow dog bed is a simple option that will provide your large canine friend with a space of his own.

Another aspect of functionality is whether the bed is washable. Big dogs get dirty! Check your top choices to see if the cover can be removed and if you can throw it in the washing machine. Some beds, such as orthopedic beds, also feature removable interior liners to allow for easy cleaning.

Your Dog’s Sleeping Habits

  • Does your dog curl up in a ball while sleeping? You might want a round or oval nest bed, a donut bed, or a bolster bed.
  • Is she a “sprawler,” taking up maximum room with limbs sticking out everywhere? Look for a bed without sides, like a mat bed or a pillow bed.
  • Or does he sleep in a variety of different positions? Does he sleep in a ball during the winter when chilly and on his back with legs sticking up in the air in the summer? Again, look for a bed without sides, like a mat bed or a pillow bed, to accommodate the dog sleeping sprawled out.

Dog Bed Sizing Tips

If your dog sleeps curled up in a ball, measure her while sleeping in that position. Measure at the longest point, and then add 8 inches. Make sure that the dimensions of your new bed are close to this number.

If your dog sleeps stretched out, measure him in that position and add 12 inches to that measurement. That will give your sprawler enough room.

If your dog likes to sleep both ways, an oval or rectangular mat or pillow bed may be best.

If you find yourself in between sizes while bed shopping, always choose the larger option so that your dog will fit nicely on the bed with room to spare around the edges.

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